Discover the new, free and easy sales application: AclasPOSLite


To facilitate the work and faster implementation of foreign-speaking employees in the use of the ACLAS virtual cash register, we present the AclasPOSLite sales application. This innovative tool simplifies the language selection process by displaying menus and messages in two additional languages: English or Ukrainian.

Hassle-free language selection

With AclasPOSLite, choosing your preferred language for menus and notifications is extremely simple. This feature ensures that all activities are available in one of the selected languages, including:

  • Issuing receipts,
  • Selecting a payment method,
  • Serving multiple accounts or tables.

Integration with the ACLAS virtual cash register

The AclasPOSLite sales application communicates directly with the ACLAS virtual cash register, offering a number of benefits:

  • Allows you to read goods stored in the cash register data-base (PLU) and other parameters
  • Enables you to create a daily fiscal report without having to go to the virtual cash register application.

Free and easy to install

The AclasPOSLite sales application is provided free of charge together with the ACLAS virtual cash register, requiring no additional actions on the part of the user. The user can decide at any time whether he wants to use the simplified sales method directly from the virtual cash register or via the sales application. This change can be made at any time without data loss.

Prepare your team for new opportunities and simplify the sales process with the AclasPOSLite sales application. This is an ideal solution for international teams, which will allow for effective and intuitive operation of the virtual cash register not only in Polish, but also in English and Ukrainian!

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